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For children, the death of a loved one is a difficult event both at the time of the loss and often long afterwards.


The experience of loss from a divorce or separation can also be a painful experience for a child resulting in confusion and conflicting emotions. 

All experiences of loss during childhood impact on normal developmental tasks and this factor is often overlooked or misunderstood without appropriate training.

I work with both young people and adults on all aspects of loss and bereavement, in particular childhood experiences of loss, providing a confidential space and support that is specific to each person's experience.

For a surviving parent, emotional distress and changing family roles can be overwhelming and support and guidance during this difficult life transition may be required.

The death of a child is the most difficult experience of loss.  Emotional pain and difficult reactions are not always understood and normal resources may be temporarily unavailable.  Professional counselling can provide support for you at this time.

The goal of bereavement work is to help parents and/or children move forward in life, retaining important links to those that they have lost, while re-engaging with life.


Please contact me with any concerns you may have in relation to separation and divorce, the death of a child or parent, current or past.  You will be met with understanding and confidentiality.

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