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About Counselling & Psychotherapy


We all develop our own unique way of coping with everyday events and problems.  From time to time however some events can be overwhelming and our usual ways of coping let us down.  I provide short term counselling to assist during these times. 


Other difficulties in life can be persistent or recurring, intruding on our day to day life and causing distress to ourselves and those around us.  Psychotherapy facilitates an exploration of what is actually going on for us, why some patterns repeat and defeat us.  Awareness allows us to choose, changing patterns. The journey to awareness is unique to everyone.  The difference between men and women is a factor often overlooked and I have extensive experience working with both men and women.


Areas suitable for psychotherapy include the following:

     Relationships & Communication

     Sexuality & Gender Issues

     Confidence and Self-esteem

     Anxiety & Panic attacks


     Unresolved Childhood Issues


     Family conflicts

     Trauma including PTSD

     Sexual & Physical Abuse

     Stress Management

     Suicidal Thoughts



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