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Mentalization Based Therapy - MBT



Understanding our own mind and the minds of others is at the heart of Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT).


Research has shown that mentalizing is the most important factor amongst the various psychotherapies.  Everyone struggles with mentalizing from time to time and some clients may require a more focused therapy in order to enhance their skill.  Without the ability to mentalize, counselling and psychotherapy will be of little benefit to the client.


In order to ensure that every client gets the maximum benefit from therapy, I encorporate elements of MBT.  This facilitates a speedy recovery from distressing symptoms and a better understanding and awareness for the client.


As mentalizing is a developmental feature of childhood, it is a  vital element of healthy parent-child interactions and MBT can be particularly helpful with parenting difficulties.  How you think about your child can change their life, promote healthy mental development and assist with emotional regulation.



Mentalizing therapy is available for personality disorders, in particular borderline personality disorder (BPD). Contact me for further information in relation to Mentalization and how it can be effective in managing difficult emotions. 087-6317497



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