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  • Mary Hamill

Harry, Diana and Childhood Loss

What great courage from Prince Harry to talk about his personal struggle following the loss of his mother Diana at the age of eight. Even though 20 years had passed this life changing event continued to impact on Harry's life and work.

His story will resonate with anyone who has experienced the loss of a parent at a young age. I hope they will take his lead and seek the necessary support to help process the multitude of complex reactions and emotions that such a difficult experience creates.

Another aspect of childhood loss is that losing a parent through divorce or separation can be every bit as devastating for a child. They are however less likely to receive the necessary support and understanding that this experience requires as their loss often goes unrecognised.

Thankfully there is well researched support available today to help both children and adults to address the complications that arise from experiences of childhood loss.

If you require more information on this subject please contact me on 087 6317497

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